Lionel Messi is recommending one of the best game to play soccer where you can play it online with your mobile, pc or tablet. The only soccer penalty game in malaysia. and its located at pahang genting, malaysia. You have to drive approximately 1 hours from Kuala Lumpur. It’s a very popular place in malaysia it’s windy and many entertainment on the hilltop.

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All the soccer games in genting malaysia is available and Lionel messi favorite game in genting is free kick as he likes the excitement. He’s also the super VIP of genting soccer football club. After training on the hilltop playing football, he will be in the playing soccer game.

While when back to KL, Lionel messi will play soccer game in malaysia. The one he most trusted and most enjoyable platform the name is UWIN33 and most of the malaysian will be familiar with this brand as it’s the largest online casino malaysia other than the genting online casino. Very simple reason as if play soccer penalty kick using online you will have excitement where messi favorite team barcelona can gamble on other teams matches.

Dota 2 Esport Strategy

This is a Dota 2 is a 5 vs 5 strategy game. Share your latest strategy on the hero on how to win the match. The latest hero skills, how to play and so on. We are here to share our knowledge on how to play well in this 5 vs 5 strategy game


About lionel Messi Sports Barcelona Club

Lionel messi is the world class player from Argentina and currently attached with barcelona FC. He’s famous with his skills technique and also pace. No one can grab the ball under his foot!


Play Free Soccer Games

It’s a penalty shooting games online for free, no download required. Get the highest point to win the game for run!

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This is a platform for sports and esports gamer to share experience and strategy in how to win in a sports and esports game. How to improve your skill and what’s the latest strategy for a team to choose hero.

All here are free games soccer with no download required. We have more than 918 free games to play with like penalty shooting, corner taking, free kick game.

Share your favorite football player and clubs with all the fans here. Also which is the hot players and who’s the best goal scorer.


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The best game in malaysia is dota 2 and mobile legend. Mobile legend is also one of the famous esport in malaysia. If you want to play you have to start from brawl mode or classic game to brush up your skill before go in to the real Rank Game!